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ADS comes to the rescue at River Clyde Homes

Archive + Document Scanning came to the rescue of River Clyde Homes, Housing Association, after a Fire Brigade inspection condemned RCH for reducing the width of a fire escape corridor with large filing cabinets full of files which were obviously highly flammable.


With no space available to store the filing cabinets, River Clyde Homes asked ADS Ltd to remove the files to our own storage facility, and then to have them scanned and transferred to digital format.


This has resolved three issues, one is that the Fire Brigade has now passed the Fire Exit corridor as usable, two, RCH gain valuable space, and three, RCH save considerable time and effort in retrieving the archived and existing file information using pdf files now stored on the company server.


These are only some of the advantages of transferring paper files and documents to digital format.


Contact ADS today to explore how we can optimise your document management processes and contribute to a more efficient and secure workplace.

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