Cost Savings

By discussing with Archive and Document Scanning in detail clients have seen significant cost benefits from converting paper records to electronic images.

Save Time

No more filing and refiling of documents, instant access to your documents when you need them, no more lost documents!!

Once your documents have been scanned and archived onto USB Flash memory drive or HDD or storage medium of your choice, your irreplaceable documents will never get misplaced or misfiled again.

No more hunting for old archived files in damp basements, or old dark storage units.

Many hours of lost labour costs are spent searching for misfiled documents and research shows that 1 in 20 documents are lost in a standard office filing system.

Using our Cloud based storage system will enable you to rapidly find all your scanned documents.

Save Space

Free up valuable office space taken up by filing cabinets, which in turn be used for creating work stations. Why pay more for renting new offices, when you can utilise existing dead office space taken up by filing.

Filing cabinets used to store documents take up space and space costs money. It is a fact that the average filing cabinet consumes nearly 1 sqm.

The average office rent in 2021 in the City of London is £500 per sq meter – so if your company has 20 filing cabinets, then you are spending £500 in rent for each filing cabinet ………  £10,000 per annum just for filing.

Save Space

  • No more expensive and ongoing storage costs.
  • No more expensive and time consuming retrieval fees.
  • No large set up costs or expensive hardware purchases.
  • No more costs from loss of paper records.

Digital archiving should be a major part of your organisation’s disaster recovery process to limit the impact when information is lost through fire, flood, or by malicious intent. When disaster strikes any organisation will face an extremely challenging time to restart their operations and survive the following 12 months!

“The average office rent in the City of London in 2021 is £500 per sq meter - thus if your company has 20 filing cabinets, then you are spending £500 in rent for each filing cabinet every year.”