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Document Preservation – ADS Rescues Documents from Flood Havoc

Protecting Your Legacy: How Archive + Document Scanning Safeguarded a London Sound Studio's Documents from Flood Damage

In a recent critical intervention, Archive and Document Scanning (ADS) has come to the rescue of a major sound studio in London that faced potential document loss due to a damaging flood.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, ADS swiftly initiated a project to scan the studio’s vital files in an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) format.

This proactive measure ensured that no crucial documents fell victim to the destructive impact of flood damage. By converting the studio’s important files into an electronic format through OCR, ADS not only salvaged valuable records but also paved the way for enhanced document accessibility and security.

This incident underscores the importance of having a robust document management strategy in place, especially in unpredictable situations like natural disasters. It also highlights how embracing digitisation can be a game-changer in safeguarding essential information from unforeseen events.

If you want to fortify your organisation against potential document loss and ensure the security of your important files, ADS is here to help.

Contact us at 01992 511080 to schedule a site visit or discuss your concerns. Let us demonstrate how our expertise in document scanning and electronic storage can be a proactive shield for your critical documents.

Don’t wait for a crisis—act now to protect your valuable information with Archive + Document Scanning.

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