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Document scanning, archiving, cloud storage for the legal profession

By July 31, 2019January 2nd, 2022No Comments1 min read

ADS specialises in document management services for the legal profession. Solicitors produce huge amounts of paperwork regardless of whether it is conveyancing, family law, criminal law or any of the other myriad of services offered by today’s legal practices. Therefore it is essential to maintain accurate and clear copies of documents such as deeds, wills, boundary drawings and court decisions. ADS has extensive experience in helping solicitors with their document management and providing rapid document scanning and file retrieval. Today’s working environment necessitates easy document retrieval and ADS cloud based storage enables collaborative working between colleagues. As an example a legal team may be representing a client in court and needing file information almost instantly. Their colleagues may be back at their offices and chambers and preparing case notes which need to be shared amongst the whole team – what better way than to use secure cloud based storage which ADS can enable. Client files can be accessed via a secure portal on our website instantaneously wherever the Solicitor is located. This will help to ensure GDPR compliance and enable easy access to document data when a client requests access.

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