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Financial Services company to digitise their files to increase office space

Financial services companies are dominated by vast amounts of paperwork. The physical space taken up by this is holding back growth in their available office space. The obvious solution is to remove and store the documents off-site but then both access and storage costs are expensive. This still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of quick data retrieval.


Digitising the physical paperwork is the most cost-effective approach to this problem and allows companies to re-purpose their paper storage into office space. In effect they are creating new office space at no extra rental cost as they were already paying for it to store paper! With this in mind a decision was made by a financial services company in Stevenage, Hertfordshire who needed the space within their building which was used for storing files to be converted to office space.


Archive and Document Scanning was chosen to be their document management provider. This is an ongoing project to convert the client paper files to digital format and load them to a central database within the company.

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