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Move your files off-site with full DOCUMENT STORAGE access with Store, Retrieve, Scan, Email from ADS

If you’re looking at boxes of files stacked along a wall or filling a conference room then we have the perfect solution to free up your space and maintain physical access to your files.  If you’re not quite ready yet to engage in a full scanning project then ADS’s document storage may well be the answer for you.


So here’s the scenario – you need to move your old archives out of your offices or warehouse. The reasons are always varied – new staff arriving, need a new meeting room or rest area, get rid of the untidy look, probably all those boxes of paper worries your Health and Safety person because of fire risk, and the list goes on!


Physical file recovery and return or if preferred Retrieve, Scan, Email


We can pack and label your files when we collect them. We’ll log them into our storage locations to enable easy and rapid retrieval. We have Customised File retrieval packages from 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours ….  You decide on the importance of recovering your file.


You’ll have all the benefits that come with recovering office space – a much better ROI on your operation, newly found office floor space for new employees or possibly you’ve just got your meeting room back! And we’ll probably find the file you want quicker than you can now.


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