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Over 95% of information scanned is confidential, commercially sensitive or containing personal information. Maintaining the security of this information is paramount.


Over 95% of the information we scan is confidential. Some of the documents are commercially sensitive while others contain personal information such as individuals’ addresses, dates of birth, mother’s maiden names, telephone numbers, etc.

In all cases the information has been entrusted to Archive Document Scanning Ltd. and we guarantee this information will remain confidential.

All our staff are background checked and are required to sign a non-disclosure statement as part of their conditions of working. Archive and Document Scanning in turn can provide you with a NDA or will happily sign your own.


The main document storage area is separate from the processing area and kept locked at all times except for access by nominated staff.

Only documents which are being processed are taken out to the operations area.

We offer a Scan and Store service where we take your documents and scan them over a mutually agreed time period, hence spreading the cost of scanning and helping your organisation’s cash flow. If you would like to just store your documents with ADS Ltd please email:

Data Protection

Archive & Document Scanning Ltd is a registered data controlled company under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Data Protection Act 2018, and works fully to the guide lines laid down in these Acts. Archive Document Scanning Ltd are registered data controllers with the ICO.