Cloud Storage

Archive and Document Scanning offers clients a Cloud based storage service enabling secure access to your important documents in multiple locations or anywhere in the world at any time!

This can be done by simply logging in to your secure online account (from anywhere in the world) using your unique username and password.

The system is secured using an SSL certificate, the same as those used for e-commerce online shops. SSL means that every item of data between transition from the user’s PC and the server is encrypted.

The passwords on user accounts are encrypted with using MD5 and a salt key which is a one way encryption. Nobody ever knows the password except the user themselves.

The server which the website and customer accounts are held on are also protected with a state of the art Firewall and direct level access to the server is only allowed from 2 secure locations.

As well as providing instant access to all of your documentation and saving valuable office space, Cloud Storage should also be considered part of any organisation’s Disaster Recovery Strategy to protect its valuable data assets.

Our system features an easy to use search tool for sorting by Project, Date, Department, Category or Keyword/Phrase,  enabling clients to quickly find that important document on-line and save many hours of searching countless boxes of paper.