Medical Records

Archive and Document Scanning Ltd have a cost-effective solution to improve office efficiency and ensure the Physician’s compliance with regulatory standards. Document scanning with logical indexing, creating digital files that can be securely and rapidly accessed.

Archive and Document Scanning Ltd are experienced in helping medical specialists and healthcare professionals with the safe archiving of patient files. Current filing methods need to comply with the new standards of confidentiality and GDPR required by the BMA and other regulatory bodies. The files themselves contain patient notes, medical records, referral and appointment letters, test results and much more. There are still many historical patient files that don’t have any sub-dividers or a filing system.

The Archive and Document Scanning approach is to help the medical profession with scanning and indexing suitable for their practice or department. Because of the lack of internal indexing within many medical files Archive and Document Scanning strongly recommends that the OCR (searchable) scanning service is chosen. This does away with much needless sub-indexing and guarantees much quicker access to specific patient data as well as ensuring a cross-check on key search words across all sub-indexes. We can also scan very long ECG printouts.