Off-Site Document Scanning

This is where we take your documents away from your site and store and scan at ADS. This is invariably the most cost-effective way of scanning your documents.

Here to help

When thinking of document scanning, the large volume of existing files is often daunting and might scare even the most determined office manager. Do you or your staff have spare time in which to remove staples, scan, index and quality check your files? Probably not! And at what cost would this be to your company in terms of YOUR hourly rates, the specialised equipment you will need to purchase or hire?

The ADS off-site document scanning service is ideal for getting all your current and archived paperwork scanned at once. We will collect your documents and take them to our premises where they will stay for the entire scanning process. We will prepare, scan, index and quality check your documents and return them to you on USB flash drive or media of your choice. Originals can be returned or shredded as you wish. This archiving service is suitable for those who do not wish to take on this often time consuming and laborious work themselves.

OR …for those who want to outsource all their ongoing scanning requirements.

In either case, sending the files off-site will allow you to convert your existing paperwork to electronic files with minimal disruption to your business. Staff can carry on as usual and should they need a file, all they need do is contact us where we will scan the required document immediately and e-mail it to you.