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Document Scanning Services

Transform Your Paper Trail into a Digital Dream

ADS Archive + Document Scanning provides top-notch document scanning services for businesses of all sizes. As one of the leading document scanning companies in Hertfordshire, we offer a range of services including corporate scanning, document scanning, and more.

Our team of experts use the latest technology to ensure high-quality scans that are accurate and reliable. We understand that document scanning is a crucial aspect of running a business, which is why we take the utmost care in ensuring that your documents are safe and secure throughout the entire process.

Whether you need to scan a small number of documents or thousands of files, we can accommodate your needs. Our flexible pricing options make it easy to find a solution that works for your budget.

Off-Site Document Scanning Services

When thinking of document scanning, the large volume of existing files is often daunting and might scare even the most determined office manager.

Do you or your staff have spare time in which to remove staples, scan, index and quality check your files? Probably not! And at what cost would this be to your company in terms of YOUR hourly rates, the specialised equipment you will need to purchase or hire?

The ADS off-site document scanning service is ideal for getting all your current and archived paperwork scanned at once.

Off Site Document Scanning

We will collect your documents and take them to our premises where they will stay for the entire scanning process. We will prepare, scan, index and quality check your documents and return them to you on USB flash drive or media of your choice. Originals can be returned or shredded as you wish. This archiving service is suitable for those who do not wish to take on this often time consuming and laborious work themselves.

OR …for those who want to outsource all their ongoing scanning requirements.

In either case, sending the files off-site will allow you to convert your existing paperwork to electronic files with minimal disruption to your business. Staff can carry on as usual and should they need a file, all they need do is contact us where we will scan the required document immediately and e-mail it to you.

Archive + Document Scanning​

What Can I expect from ADS?


1. Collection

Our team will come to your offices or chosen location and pick up your documents for scanning. We use unmarked, plain vans as an added layer of security. We can also sort, file and box your documents saving you and your own team time.


2. Preparation

We check and prepare all documents before scanning including removing paperclips, staples, and binds.

Document Scanning

3. Document Scanning

Our fully trained operators scan your documents in either black and white or colour with the DPI set to generate a high-quality image. All scanning is compliant with British Standard BIP0008.


4. Image Preparation

Our team carry out quality checks on all documents.

Cloud Access

5. Cloud Access

We can offer you a cloud based storage service via a secure portal service meaning you and your team can safely access your documents anywhere in the world.

Document Shredding 1

6. Document Shredding

Your physical documents can then be shredded in line with BS EN51713 and 100% of all shredding is responsibly recycled. A free Certificate of Destruction will be issued to you when the task has been completed.

Areas we cover?