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How Archive and Document Scanning helps private healthcare consultants

Consultants might have 30 years or more of their private patient files, sitting on shelves in their office. In fact, they could well have a complete office with walls fully decked out in shelving. Also, they many have filing cabinets taking up valuable space in the office and garages.


This current method of filing certainly does not compile with the new standards of confidentiality and meeting GDPR required by the BMA and other regulatory bodies. The files themselves contain patient notes, medical records, invoices, appointment letters, referral letters. Most patient files of this type don’t have any sub-dividers or a filing system.


The ADS approach to help the medical profession is to index the files by name, d.o.b., date of first consultation and so on. Because of the lack of internal indexing with a medical file Archive and Document Scanning strongly recommends that the OCR (searchable) scanning service is chosen. This does away with much needless sub-indexing and guarantees much quicker access to specific patient data.


Archive and Document Scanning Ltd have a cost-effective solution to improve office efficiency and ensure the Physician’s compliance with regulatory standards. Document scanning with logical indexing, creating digital files that can be securely and rapidly indexed, will provide significant cost benefits to the running of a Consultant’s private practice.

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