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It’s not unusual to find companies who have HR records spanning up to 50 years! ADS recently scanned HR files for a large international electrical component distributor. When dealing with this type of confidential and sensitive information, it is very important to have complete trust in the security of the process.


ADS meet all the exacting security requirements of this particular customer, and a number of high level checks were carried out on our processes prior to starting this project. The files were very comprehensive and some of the paperwork was in very poor condition, typically faded.


The scans had to be in colour which is unusual for this type of project, but picture IDs from old Polaroid photographs and new Passport formats are very common, even old ‘clock cards’ appeared. To ensure accurate scan quality a fairly high dpi was required. When completed the customer gave ADS written confirmation to go ahead and shred the original documents. A free Certificate of Destruction was provided to the customer after the shredding of the documents had been completed.


Quite often companies need to keep these records to satisfy pension fund administrators for future payments. They also formed an important evidence trail for former staff in claiming their pension and of course, this is just one example. There are many other cases where employers need to keep their records safe in case of future litigation and also have quick and easy access to them.

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