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Document Scanning West Sussex

Explore efficient and reliable document scanning solutions tailored for West Sussex businesses. Our secure facility, equipped with advanced measures, ensures the protection of your critical files and sensitive documents, offering peace of mind in today’s data-centric landscape.

Customised Solutions for Effortless Retrieval

Our commitment to personalised document scanning solutions goes beyond digitization. We create a system tailored to West Sussex businesses, providing effortless retrieval and systematic management.

Prioritising Confidentiality and Accessibility

At our core, we prioritise document management fundamentals: confidentiality and accessibility. Your records are treated with care to maintain confidentiality, and our dedication to accessibility ensures you can retrieve information whenever needed.

Streamline Your Information Management

Experience tranquility with our dependable document scanning services designed to streamline information management. Liberate physical space, reduce clutter, and access your documents effortlessly, elevating your workspace into a hub of productivity.

Ready to transform your document scanning in West Sussex? Connect with us today for a tailored solution. 

Our key services

Archive + Document Scanning​

What Can I expect from ADS?


1. Collection

Our team will come to your offices or chosen location and pick up your documents for scanning. We use unmarked, plain vans as an added layer of security. We can also sort, file and box your documents saving you and your own team time.


2. Preparation

We check and prepare all documents before scanning including removing paperclips, staples, and binds.

Document Scanning

3. Document Scanning

Our fully trained operators scan your documents in either black and white or colour with the DPI set to generate a high-quality image. All scanning is compliant with British Standard BIP0008.


4. Image Preparation

Our team carry out quality checks on all documents.

Cloud Access

5. Cloud Access

We can offer you a cloud based storage service via a secure portal service meaning you and your team can safely access your documents anywhere in the world.

Document Shredding 1

6. Document Shredding

Your physical documents can then be shredded in line with BS EN51713 and 100% of all shredding is responsibly recycled. A free Certificate of Destruction will be issued to you when the task has been completed.

Areas we cover?

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