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A healthier office environment and digitally archiving documents go hand in hand

Health and safety for employees is always of the utmost importance and organising new desk layouts when businesses have downsized their office floor area is going to be a challenge. And we haven’t even considered if desk fans are allowed because of the aerosol hazard?


An interesting repercussion of organisations dealing with staff working from home is not just the obvious possibility of downsizing the office, but also when the team returns they might be sitting in a very snug office. Not good! Everyone will be very conscious of social distancing in the workplace and expect to have more space around them than before.


So, either you have a hybrid workplace culture where colleagues work from home and office on different days or you create a safer and more spacious office environment. Downsize or create more space?


Now is the time to be thinking exactly what your team will be needing during the next 6 months and beyond because who knows how long this Covid-19 pandemic will run. And this may just have been the disruptive business event which changes work practices globally from now on.


The Archive and Document Scanning  group can facilitate rapid implementation of your archiving strategy. Let us take away your paperwork and put them into digital nirvana!


Archive and Document Scanning Ltd can help you achieve your goals by providing a collection service and safe storage prior to digitally archiving all your documents.


If you would like to find out more please contact us by using the quick enquiry button, email us at or speak to Clive or Kevin on 01992 511080

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