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Aviation Medical Services (AMS) is based in Horley (near Gatwick) in Surrey and specialises in providing medicals for pilots predominantly in the civil aviation field.


The medicals are conducted by an occupational physician and these are critical to airline requirements, safe flying and the Civil Aviation Authority. Not surprisingly these medicals have produced large amounts of paperwork especially the Electrocardiogram tests where metres of graphical information is printed out. And often these old graphs fade very quickly and needed their contrast strengthening through high dpi scans.


Many medical practices like AMS would have traditionally kept old card filing and document folder systems which can occupy a significant footprint within a clinic. It would be fair to say that the filing cabinets containing records going back 10 years could fill a clinic room.


ADS took 12 filing cabinets worth of paperwork from the Horley (Gatwick) clinic and then converted them into searchable electronic data allowing AMS physicians rapid access to a client’s record via a proprietary database that they had imported the data into.


ADS helped this client transition their patient records from paper to database.

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