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Magazine Scanning for the UK Marine Pilots Association

The UK Marine Pilots Association (UKMPA) approached Archive & Document Scanning to scan their A5 size magazines some of which go back to January 1939. We took very special care with these magazines as earliest editions were very fragile. The magazines were published quarterly through the years including WW2 so are a valuable piece of marine archive information.

During the ’80s the magazine changed from A5 black and white to A4 colour. The new colour magazines used a glossy paper and so Archive & Document Scanning adjusted the settings on our scanners to remove reflections and maintain colour quality in the photos. The UKMPA uploaded the scanned data to their members web site to give them access to these valuable historic documents.

There have been so many changes in technology, practices, legislation, new initiatives etc. in all industries and businesses over the last century and these types of magazines are important to keep as an historical record.

Please contact Archive & Document Scanning for more information about our book and magazine scanning.

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