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Scanning Student Records

A school academy in Essex, see the advantages of scanning student records

Before: School overwhelmed with paperwork. After, scanned and digitized.

The Problem:
Streamlining Student Record Transitions

With the annual influx of new students transitioning to secondary education in September, schools face the challenge of efficiently managing and storing their Year 7 student records. This includes a significant volume of files that need to be meticulously collected, scanned, converted into a digital format, and made accessible to the new school staff.

One of these schools that sought our help was The Appleton School in Benfleet, Essex.

The Solution:
ADS - Your Partner in Seamless Transitions

ADS provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for schools to streamline their student record transition process. We understand the time-sensitive nature of this task and the importance of ensuring seamless access to vital student information for educators.

Here’s how ADS helps:

By partnering with ADS, schools can:

Beyond digitisation, ADS is committed to supporting educational progress. We understand the unique needs of the education sector and provide tailored solutions that contribute to improved efficiency and seamless educational transitions.

If your school requires a reliable partner for digitising student records and streamlining processes, contact ADS today.

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